Scopes and Objectives of the School

Ultra-sensitive mechanical systems have experienced a huge development over the past 30 years, strongly driven notably by the emerging field of ultra-sensitive opto-electromechanics. This has led to the emergence of new ultra-sensitive real-time detection methods. These advances raise the perspective of a major scientific renewal, with these new methods already benefiting to fields of application far away from opto-electromechanics, such as the physics of non-equilibrium systems and bio-physics.

The school "The New Mechanics" will  train its participants in all the existing methods and their application to the resolution of new scientific and technological questions: This school thus wants to pave the way for the inclusion of ultra-sensitive mechanical measurement tools for the training of a new generation of high-level scientists.

School format

The School will be held over 4 weeks, from 1st to 26th August 2022. The School will include around 15 long courses (from 2 to 5 sessions), at the rate of 3 90-minute lessons per day. The program will be supplemented by seminars (1 hour) on specific topics, directly related to the courses. 

The school program is limited to 6 hours of lessons per day, and therefore allows time for discussion and relaxation. The school has a library, meeting rooms and a computer room. The site also has a foyer where people can gather around coffee and various games, table tennis, etc.


Scientific Committee

Hubert Krenner, Universität Münster

Pierre Verlot, Institut Universitaire de France

Pierre-François Cohadon, Ecole Normale Supérieure

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